Pinchos Candy Soda

This piece for Pinchos took us three days to produce. One day shooting cans and candy and two days of retouching, 3D modeling (soda splash) and finalizing. Sometimes the pressure of time works in your favor. Hope you like the result! 🥤🎇🍬👊💦

Project details

  • 💎 CGI
  • 📷 Photography
  • ✍️ Post Production

Team Mint

  • Anton Apel Forsberg / CGI + Retouch
  • Patrik Roos / Photography
  • Karl Vestklev / Producer


  • Håkan Tiderman / Creative Director

Studio Mint always takes our ideas one extra level and deliver the final touches that creates visual magic.

Håkan Tiderman, Marketing Director / Creative Director, Pinchos
Studio Mint

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